Preparing for the Photo Shoot

Preparing the home

  1. Replace burnt out light bulbs.
  2. Clean countertops.
  3. Clean closets and garages.
  4. Clean carpets, furniture, windows, etc.  Paint any areas that need to be touched up.
  5. Remove family photos from the walls.
  6. Stage and remove all unnecessary belongings.  Try to make the home look as close as possible to a model home.  You may even remove some furniture items to make the rooms seem more open.
  7. Explain the process to client.

Just before the photographer arrives

  1. Remove any extra belongs from sight
  2. Make sure garbage cans are out of sight
  3. Open blinds or drapes
  4. Turn on all lights


  1. Allow about 45 minutes for the photo shoot for the averaged size home.
  2. Let the scheduler know if the homeowners will be there and who he or she will meet.
  3. Let the scheduler know how the photographer will be paid. Make checks out to CyberView360.
  4. Let the scheduler know if there’s a gate code or if there is additional information that the photographer needs to know such as dogs or animals on the property.

Within 24 hrs after the photo shoot

  • The photographer will adjust photos, create the virtual tour and other requested services.
  • An email will be sent with a link to the photos on Dropbox and another email will be sent with links to the virtual tour, eFlyer, Single Property Website if ordered.
  • Let us know if you have any questions.