Preparing for the Photo Shoot

If possible, stage the home

  • After moving out, replace anything worn looking and repaint.
  • If the carpet is worn, replace or consider installing hardwood flooring.
  • Have the home professionally staged.
  • If your budget doesn’t allow a stager, add a few nice touches yourself.  For a few hundred dollars do the following:
    • Start with a few paintings in the living, family room and dining room.
    • Add nice towels to the bathrooms.
    • Purchase a small dinette set and set the table with dishes, silverware and napkins.
    • Add a small sofa, chair and coffee table to the main area (living or family room).
    • Add decorations to the kitchen and bedrooms.
Staged Family Room
Example of a professionally staged family room.
The towels and picture help. Notice new paint and vanity too.
Family Room
Notice simple decorations and fresh paint.

If you’re living in the home, do the following:

  1. Try to make the home look as close as possible to a model home.  You may even remove some furniture items to make the rooms seem more open.
  2. Pack anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.  Store items in a bedroom or garage.
  3. Clean closets and garages.
  4. Remove family photos from the walls.
  5. Stage and remove all unnecessary belongings.
  6. Clean carpets, furniture, windows, etc.  Paint any areas that need to be touched up. If you have children, pack all but the most coveted toys.
  7. Leave only necessary items on kitchen counter-tops and clean.
  8. Replace burnt out light bulbs.


  1. Allow about 45-60 minutes for the photo shoot for the averaged size home – 1800 sqft.
  2. Let the scheduler know who he or she will be meeting at the home.
  3. Let the scheduler know how the photographer will be paid. Make checks out to CyberView360. We can also send invoice online for credit card purchases.
  4. Let the scheduler know if there’s a gate code, or if there is additional information that the photographer needs to know, such as dogs or other animals on the property.

Just before the photographer arrives

  1. Remove any extra belongs from sight
  2. Make sure garbage cans are out of sight
  3. Make sure no vehicles are in the driveway or in front of the house
  4. Open blinds or drapes
  5. Turn on all lights

After the photo shoot

Within 24-48 hrs after the photo shoot

  • The photographer will adjust photos.
  • An email will be sent with a link to the photos on or

Within 48 hrs after the photo shoot

  • The virtual tour and any other services will be completed.
  • An email will be sent with links to the virtual tour.  Note: for real estate agents, it’s important to post the none-branded tour links in the Metrolist while the branded links can be used on other areas such as Facebook and your business websites.

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