Terms and Conditions


When scheduling, please provide the following:

  1. When you would like the property photographed.
  2. The property size, home size, address and MLS# if you have it.
  3. How the photographer will access the property (agent, homeowner or lockbox).
  4. Your name, phone number, email address. If ordering a tour, let us know what additional info you’d like to include on the tour profile. i.e. company name, photo,  logo and website address, etc.
  5. If the photographer will be meeting the homeowner, please provide his/her name(s) and phone number. Also, let us know if there’s an alarm system or dog on the property.
  6. If there are other buildings such as guest homes, shops or nearby parks should be photographed.
  7. If there are areas that should NOT be photographed.
  8. How will you pay? Payments are required at the photo shoot. We take credit cards, checks and cash.

Additional fees apply when…

  1. When the property is not ready. The photographer schedules 45-60 minutes for the average sized home.  An additional fee of $50/half hour will be applied if the photographer has to wait for items to be moved, installed or cleaned.
  2. If the photographer cannot access the property, a $70 fee will be charged. However, the photographer will take photos of the front of the home and deliver them.
  3. A $25-50 charge is added for rush job or when deliverables are sooner than 24 hours after the photo shoot.
  4. Homes larger than 1800 sqft and lots larger than .25 acre. Larger homes just take longer to photograph, shoot video, adjust photos in post production and create the tour.
  5. For homes outside our normal serviceable area which include, Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, etc. Some additional fees apply to some areas of Elk Grove and beyond, El Dorado Hills and beyond, Auburn and beyond and beyond West Sac.
  6. Finally, some homes contain every possible upgrade and amenity which require more photos to showcase. In cases like these, we will charge more.

Example of additional fees applied

Customer requested photos of a 2100 sqft home in Galt. Home is ready to shoot photos and photographer spent approximately 1.5 hours taking photos.

  • Professional Photo Shoot = $100
  • To travel to and from Galt = $15
  • Home larger than 1800 = $20
  • Lot size is 1/3 acre = $5
  • Home is completely decked out and there are more photograph options = $10
  • Total = $150

Property Readiness

The photographer will photograph the property as-is.  Please work with homeowner or tenant to remove anything that should not be photographed – valuables, garbage cans, etc. Please ask clients to move cars and any waste containers from the front of the home, open blinds and turn on lights. Read more on preparing your home for photos.


  • After the photo shoot and/or virtual tour are completed, you will receive an email from dropbox.com with links to your photos within 24-48. If you’re unable to download photos, please let the photographer know and we will provide an alternative method.
  • Make sure to download the photos to your personal computer and back them up.  Cyberview 360 does not not backed up photos.
  • Virtual tour links will also be provided via email links. The tour will be available for one year.

After going live

  • If you purchase a virtual tour, please send Cyberview 360’s associate the MLS number so the property details can be updated on the virtual tour.
  • Price change: Since property details can be downloaded to the virtual tour from the listing, please let the photographer know if there’s a price change.

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Commercial properties

We need to know similar details about the property, size of the lot or land and other requested photograph services. Please call 916.412.8430.

Compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act

Cyberview 360 will not sell any of your information.